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Erdal Architects Edinburgh

This Edinburgh architect's main areas of work are new build houses, house extensions, loft conversions and steading conversions. All our office employees are experienced architects and work individually or as a team as architecture projects require.


Over the years, including previous employment, our architects have built up a large variety of experience, mostly as residential architects in Edinburgh but also in sustainable design, commercial architecture, theatre design, shop design, community architecture and exhibition design.


Our architecture practice in Edinburgh aims to create contemporary buildings which optimise layout and property uses, maximise light, form new views through buildings and improving the relationship to their immediate surroundings.


Sometimes our involvement is limited to feasibility work only, eg to assist grant funding applications for a community centre. It may be that we are only required to obtain planning  permission or a building warrant. For most architecture projects, however, we continue through to tender and completion of the site works.


The style of our architecture work is split between traditional architecture and more contemporary, modern architecture. We aim to respect the existing building particularly in historic Edinburgh, including World Heritage and Listed buildings conservation areas.


Sustainable Architecture

With rising energy bills and increasing concerns about the environment, we are well-placed to guide clients in sustainable building. We are experienced in healthy low-carbon material selection and environmentally friendly building methods.


We have expertise within the office for creating computer generated 3D modelling of architecture projects where this will help with the visualisation of a scheme and can often be useful for getting projects realised. Richard also enjoys creating hand-drawn pencil sketches – examples of these can seen on the website.


Each project is unique and has different needs and budgets, but our aim is to help our clients achieve their dreams. We tailor each project to suit and work closely with the client throughout the design and building process. We also work closely with the local authorities, such as planning and building control, and also with consultants such as planning consultants, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, lighting designers, kitchen and bathroom designers. Building can be complex but we do our best to keep projects running smoothly.

If you are looking for an Edinburgh architect for a building project in Edinburgh, or anywhere in Scotland, choose Erdal Architects in Edinburgh.